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Still Lost

Do you ever feel lost?

Tulum, Mexico

“The secret to hacking time is living with a clear purpose”


I don’t travel much. In fact I probably work more than the average person. Often times I find myself heading to the shop on Sunday morning after a quick breakfast- even though I promised my girlfriend that I would take the day off.

I feel like I have no time

I’ve thought about why I’m like this. It’s definitely not the way I’ve always been.

Thinking back, I can recall times when I would dedicate the entire weekend to video games and relaxing. Doing absolutely nothing and loving that. But not any more.

I feel like I’ve been on a quest for the last few years. The constant pursuit of something I can’t quite describe. The endless journey of wanting more from my life. Money seems like the quick answer, but now more than ever I believe for me, it’s time.

Time is what I value most. Time can slip away so fast through routine and daily tasks- and by the end of the day the haze fades for a minute, only to realize at that point, that day is gone.

Stepping back, realizing my problem is great, but how can I truly separate myself from the monotony that might actually be slowly killing me?

The secret to hacking time is living with a clear purpose. I had a realization that I feel most lost when I have no purpose.

How do I find my purpose in life?

Purpose is made up of 3 main things

  1. Decision
  2. Direction
  3. Goals

If you’ve thought about this to any degree at all, you know it’s very easy to make a list of the things that aren’t your purpose. Yet very difficult to find that little thing that is.

So as I write this on my phone in the plane heading back home from a week in Mexico (the trip was a gift from my girlfriend for my 30th birthday- I would have never booked it myself because I couldn’t make the time) I’m still lost.

I feel my purpose in my soul, but cannot yet put my finger on it.

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