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Set the ambiance in the middle of no where.
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LED lighting kit for the Gonzo bed rack system.

These 8 LEDs shine facing down and in towards the truck box. When they’re off, you wont even know they are there.

Mounts 1 bracket per post.

The perfect way to light up your gear and find your way back to base camp in the middle of the woods.

An LED lighting kit is a set of LED lights that are designed to be mounted on the bed rack system of a pickup truck. These light kits typically include light strips, mounting brackets, and a wiring harness that connects the lights to the vehicle’s electrical system. These provide bright and energy-efficient lighting for the cargo area of the truck, making it easier to see and access items in the bed. Additionally, the lights can be used for off-roading and camping, providing a convenient source of illumination for setting up camp or navigating through dark trails.


  • 8 white LED lights with 4 brackets
  • Uses existing Gonzo hardware
  • Invisible until illuminated
  • Switch included
  • 12v power required
Requires basic electrical hookups and wiring for 12v systems. Take all necessary safety precautions, seek a professional if you are unsure *

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × 3 in