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Installing the “no-drill adapter kit”

Its sad we have to do this, but first the obvious disclaimers:

**First and foremost, if you are unsure or not comfortable installing this rack and/or any other products on this website, seek help from a qualified individual or licensed shop local to you. Installation may involve hand tools or other power tools. Parts and pieces may be heavy or awkward. So please, use common sense and wear necessary protective gear and get a friend to help you out with this. We are not liable in any way for the mounting of products to your vehicle, use all products at your own discretion, read an follow any labels, watch for pinch points, regularly check hardware and fasteners for tightness. Inspect all components each and every time you use them for wear and damage. Use thread locker, or lock tight on any bolts that could rattle and become loose over time. Remember, its not only your safety to look out for. Its also the safety of everyone around you. Please be diligent and take a minute to think.**

Use this sub-guide when the vehicle does not have a factory installed bed rail.

Newer Toyotas, Nissans and Jeep Gladiators usually have factory bed rails. (shown below)

bed rail channel
No Drill Adapter Kit
Installed on Ford F150

Place the adapter on the back side of the Z bracket, behind the lip that hangs down on the truck’s box edge.

Tighten the bolts clamping the 2 plates together, align the ears on the adapter plates so they are as high as possible behind the lip on the truck box.

Use the 8 aluminum pinch clamps you purchased separately (local truck outfitter supply store),

or if you are using a tonneau cover that already utilizes these aluminum clamps, you may be able to re-position them to pinch the ears.

shown off the truck
Style of aluminum pinch clamps you will need from local truck outfitters

After you have this step finished, refer back to the rest of the bed rack install :

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