stealth bed rack installation

How to install a Stealth Bed Rack from Twinpeaks

Documenting here the very quick and easy install of a Twinpeaks.co Stealth Bed Rack.


Its sad we have to do this, but first the obvious disclaimers:

**First and foremost, if you are unsure or not comfortable installing this rack and/or any other products on this website, seek help from a qualified individual or licensed shop local to you. Installation may involve hand tools or other power tools. Parts and pieces may be heavy or awkward. So please, use common sense and wear necessary protective gear and get a friend to help you out with this. We are not liable in any way for the mounting of products to your vehicle, use all products at your own discretion, read an follow any labels, watch for pinch points, regularly check hardware and fasteners for tightness. Inspect all components each and every time you use them for wear and damage. Use thread locker, or lock tight on any bolts that could rattle and become loose over time. Remember, its not only your safety to look out for. Its also the safety of everyone around you. Please be diligent and take a minute to think.**

Step 1:

Unbox all components and lay them out neatly on the ground. Use a piece of card board underneath so you don’t scratch the parts. Please recycle all packaging after use.

Step 2:

Locate the Z shaped plates with slotted holes set them on the truck where you want them positioned.

If you have a Tacoma or Nissan, locate the bed rail mounting hardware and slide them into the factory truck bed rails on the inside of the truck box.

If you have a different model truck, and ordered the “No-drill mounting kit”, grab those now.

smooth, baby

Step 3:

Align the mounting hardware you are using with the slotted holes on the Z shaped plates. Snug up the hardware to hand tight. You want a little bit of movement until everything is together and in the correct spot. Use the flat washers and Nylock nuts.

***You may have to fold the tonneau cover down at this point if you are using one***


Step 4:

Gather vertical towers (4) and attach them to the Z plates. Vertical towers sit inside the Z plates and the short carriage bolts are installed pointing in toward the box. Use the 3/8″ x 1″ carriage bolts and 3/8″ flange nuts here with blue lock-tight or other thread locker. Leave them loose for now until you have all the pieces put together.

like so.

Step 5:

Gather the 4 aluminum cradle blocks, 2″ long carriage bolts and flange nuts. Use the 3/8″ x 2″carriage bolts and 3/8″ flange nuts here.

With the aluminum cradle facing up to cup the cross bar tube and the center middle hole positioned closest to the outside of the truck, loosely install both blocks on the drivers side of the truck.

easy right?

Step 6:

Take the cross bar tube and slide it into the drivers side aluminum cradle block, while lifting the passenger side cradle block and tube up into place. Run bolts in hand tight.

  • If the cross bar tubes are too long, set them on top of the vertical towers and mark where they need to be trimmed.
  • Make sure the Towers are at the correct angle when you are marking the tube.
  • Make the tubes as long as possible to allow full engagement of the cradle blocks on the tubes.

Use hack saw, band saw, or grinder to trim. Wear all safety protection. Measure twice cut once!

(this is where the common sense comes in handy 😉 )

Mask off tube and give a light coat of black Tremclad or spray paint to protect the raw edge of the cut metal. Watch for sharp spots.

flush to the edge
Demonstrating worst case scenario snow storm installation
For this 2018 Tacoma, they needed to be 59.5″ long.
Use a hacksaw or what ever ya got. Sorry
just the tip

Step 7:

Re-install tubes, double check positioning of everything.

Start at the truck bed and work your way up tightening all hardware. USE THREAD LOCKER (LOCTITE)

When tightening the aluminum cradle blocks, work both bolts in evenly, back and forth. The block should pinch the tube evenly!

That sucks if you forgot to fold the tonneau cover down at this point

Step 8:

Install your roof top tent of choice. Careful not to scratch the tube when installing the tent. Get help to lift it up there, they are heavy!

Step 9:

Always check for loose hardware and damage to parts! This is your duty to ensure safety for you and others around you!

If you hear squeaking while driving, that is a tell-tale sign something is not tight. So take a look! Preventative Maintenance always!

Step 10:

If this helped you with your install today, please leave a comment below or on our facebook page. Dont forget to leave a review, and tell others about your Twinpeaksco product! This helps us grow and continue to create awesome products and resources.

Happy Trails.

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2 thoughts on “How to install a Stealth Bed Rack from Twinpeaks

  1. In Step 4 picture, I needed to reverse the direction of the bolt otherwise the trifold cover would not fit.

    Directions were otherwise helpful. Thank you!

    1. Yes it can vary depending on the brand of tonneau cover. Some shorter bolts may work as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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