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Bitcoin, Crypto Currency is the new Overlanding

2021, what a wild and remarkable time to be alive. So much going on in the world, yet at the same time, so little happening.

The title of this article may bring some confusion, so first let me summarize what the far reaching realm of Overlanding means to me and how this all ties together.

I found this space in the early 2000’s. Some of you may remember the early days of Pirate4x4 which has been heavily watered down since about 2008 from the incredible information resource it was formerly. It was a time when I had close to zero knowledge of fabricating or modifying jeeps and old 4x4s. (JK’s and Tacoma’s as we know them today were seemingly non-existent) I always liked the obscure projects. In my youth, my dad had 4wheel drive mags and would sometimes talk about Jeep Jamboree. He built a budget 1988 YJ with a Chevy small block swap, some 35’s and even a roll cage built from an old swing set we took out of the back yard!

On Pirate4x4, the projects that fascinated me were the ones like taking a Jeep Comanche and 4 linking the suspension. I followed the build progress of many low COG (center of gravity) rig build threads – where the name of the game was as; as low as possible , with the biggest tires and suspension travel as possible and a wheel base stretch to somewhere in that “magical zone” of 113 inches on 40″ tires. I would call this time line the Rock crawling fork into Overlanding.

Some of you came from the 80’s. Where traveling the Midwest in an RV loaded down with the whole family including the 2 dogs and your sisters best friend Margret, was the thing you did every summer vacation. Sort of National Lampoon style. And over time transitioned into a life of exploring the outdoors and seeking some type of adventure in an automobile. Most of you today ended up driving a 2016 Toyota Tundra, Land Cruiser or Gladiatior….haha just kidding 😉

Then there’s you young folks. First getting your drivers license around 2015. Your dads may in fact be the ones from the 80’s RV road trips in the Midwest. You may also have been conceived on a weekend in the tent. Probably driving a Tacoma 😉

Now that I awakened some good memories from your life, let me suggest a way for you to get back there…. read on.

My point is we all came from somewhere and that’s sort of the beauty of this whole overlanding thing.

It’s the ability to take a break from the 9-5 grind of the work week.

It’s a chance to get out to the woods with some buddies and let them sample your latest elk jerky and sip on a mug of whiskey.

It’s a cheap holiday for the young family and a chance for the kids to run wild get away from the ipad for a few nights.

But what it really does is bring us back to our roots as cave people and get us as close as we can to true freedom. (from the system)

See the forest for the trees

In 2020 I switched things up a little, because it was clear to me that the standard route we were all headed to on cruise control might not actually get us very far- anymore. And I’m talking directly to the one thing I hate the most. That 9-5 work week schedule.

If I could pin point on reason I began on the self-employment / self-improvement journey it would be to take back control of my TIME. Make my own schedules and plan every aspect of my days how I wanted them to be planned.

Not saying I made it there… It’s a lifelong challenge and if you stop you die. (Its blunt, but its the truth)

Where was I going with this? Ah yes CRYPTO!

If you want free time, money needs to work for you.

You have all heard of Bitcoin. And no I’m not here to shill BTC to the masses. In fact Bitcoin is already antiquated technology. Think of it as one of those big grey brick cell phones from the 90’s with the pull out antenna.

Seems strange right, because if you aren’t familiar with the space, and watch the lame-stream media or social media, you would be thinking Bitcoin’s all the rage! Lets leave it at that with BTC and you can take my word for it.

Up until now crypto currencies and blockchain were basically a speculative market, not that different from buying a lottery ticket and crossing your fingers. Utility is very minor and we are still early in the adoption phase of it all. (I’m writing this in May 2021)

At this exact point in time we are able to still take advantage of some volatile speculation by being early adopters, and with each passing day more and more mainstream utility- which will also create price stability and drive volume AKA price action higher.

Passive income- DEFI, Staking

I’ll cut right to the chase here. Some crypto will earn you a passive APY% on your investment. Just by purchasing it and holding it, every minute of the day you will slowly gain rewards. Participating in the network creates security for the network, and thus the rewards earned by individual holders. These are called POS (proof of stake) protocols.

Guys! What this means is more road trips!, More days off!, More wilderness!, More getting back to what we as humans were meant to do! None of this day in and day out mind numbing working to make ends meet.

Defi, short for decentralized finance, are sort of described as apps built on top of the under lying base protocols.

These apps share many similarities to banks and also have many possibilities to earn you money, for doing virtually nothing except purchasing certain types of crypto asset and locking them in a virtual vault- this ultimately less risky than a bank because you aren’t trusting anyone in particular, only relying on the base layer protocol rules.

Information overload.

This sort of turned into a long winded pile of information, but I hope this at least piques your interest and leads you down the deep dark path of crypto. There are other ways to live and this is one of them.

At this point I think I will do a follow up article ( not financial advise, in any way ) on more specifics detailing the projects with the highest returns, mort security and best chance of main stream adoption. Ahem… XRP and the other ISO20022 accredited protocols.

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