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1979 GMC Overlander

My dad picked up this truck as a fun run around vehicle. Truthfully he likes old stuff and since retirement, I think he’s been itching for a functioning toy. I say functioning because, well, let’s just say we have a lot of half finished projects kicking around. And by “half finished” I’m being optimistic.

The old ’79 has a 6.0L Chevy LS engine, 4×4, and automatic transmission. The body need a bit of TLC, and the brakes are a little soft, but other than those minor issues the thing is solid mechanically.

Last weekend we mounted up a Twinpeaks Stealth Bed Rack and a Gonzo Bed Rack, just to test functionality and get some pictures on an older truck. Both bed racks mounted up no problem and looked pretty slick I might add.

’79 GMC pickup, fitted with Twinpeaksco Gonzo Bed Rack, Treeline Outdoors roof top tent

The Gonzo Bed Rack is a robust adjustable modular rack, with the ability to set height and widths to suit the exact setup you need. Both racks have the ability to mount to many different trucks and also compatible with tonneau covers*. (works best with solid trifold styles such as the Extang solid fold or generic soft roller covers.)

* Tonneau covers may require some modification, as each brand is slightly different.

’79 GMC, fitted with Twinpeaks.co Gonzo Bed Rack in full height extension ~23″ tall

The Stealth Bed Rack has been around for a few years, but has a few key updates for this season.

The Stealth rack is a light duty unit, with a fixed height at 11″ off the truck bed sides. It also works with tonneau covers, and fits a variety of trucks*

*Top tent support bar may require trimming to length for smaller trucks such as Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.

Other new features this year are billet aluminum cradle blocks to stiffen the rack and allow for easier installation, and a thicker top tent cross bar.

Both racks mount well with the factory bed rails on the Nissan and Toyota trucks, but mounting options are also available for other pickups as well.

’79 GMC with Stealth Bed Rack

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  1. Where are you guys located? Do you ship to Canada?

    1. Yes we are in Canada, about 45 minutes south of Calgary AB! We ship all over N. America

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